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The worst places to seek refuge during the zombie apocalypse

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Where will you be when the zombie apocalypse hits? The online real estate site, Trulia, has put together a list of the worst places to be when the hoard of undead arrives to devour your brains.

Honolulu, Hawaii, takes the top spot with New York City and Newark in the second and third place, respectively. Boston, Massachusetts, and Washington, D.C., round out the fourth and fifth spots.

Honolulu Magazine's Ambika Castle seemed to embrace their pending doom, saying, "We always thought we'd do well, living on one of the most remote islands in the world. Or maybe that's the problem—there's nowhere to run. Once again, it's location, location, location."

Should the zombie apocalypse strike, these are the 25 worst cities in which to seek refuge:

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Trulia determined these locations based upon four factors, walk score, hardware store density, hospital density, and level of congestion.

The highest walk score may be ideal for city-dwellers or buyers looking for a walkable new neighborhood with a variety of transportation options. However, the walkability of a location is just as ideal for you as it is for those mindless, brain-eating zombies.

Locations with the lowest density of hardware stores could spark trouble as the majority of humanity attempts to scrape together zombie-killing weapons and fortification.

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High hospital density provides zombies with a smorgasbord of defenseless humans to feast upon and stands to help increase their army of the living dead.

Cities with the most congestion will also find trouble as thousands, if not millions of people attempt to flee the growing masses of flesh-eating walkers.

See Trulia's report here.

Congestion data sourced from TTI Annual Urban Mobility Report.