Family Affair: Rise of the Mittelstand



Founded: 1923
Location: Ditzingen, Germany
Employees: 10,914

In 1923 Christian Trumpf and two business partners bought Julius Geiger, a Stuttgart based machine shop. The company changed its name to Trumpf & Co. in 1937, and is today a world leader in the production of machine tools, electronics and lasers used in industrial applications.

In 1972 Berthold Leibinger and Hugo Schwarz became sole shareholders of the company.

Family-owned, Trumpf has seen steady growth and expansion since its foundation. Today, it employs more than 10,000 people worldwide and in 2013/14 reported a revenue of 2.587 billion euros ($3.3 billion).

Berthold Leibinger retired as chairman of the supervisory board of the Trumpf Group in 2012. The Leibinger connection to the company remains strong, though, with Nicola Leibinger-Kammüller, pictured, acting as the President and Chairwoman of the Managing Board and Peter Leibinger performing the role of Vice Chairman of the Managing Board.

"TRUMPF has made a name for itself as a guarantor of innovations. Each and every day, we work on transforming ideas and visions into impressive products with high customer value," Leibinger-Kammüller has said.