Binford Pet Wellness Clinic Offers Online Pharmacy for Pet Owners

INDIANAPOLIS, Oct. 26, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The doctors and staff at Binford Pet Wellness Clinic offer an online pharmacy to allow clients to order pet medications online. The staff at Binford Pet Wellness Clinic stated that the large majority of their clients don't have time to drive across town and stand in line just to pick up prescription refills or flea prevention for pets. The Clinic's online pharmacy has secure ordering capability and allows pet owners to shop online from their home, office, or mobile phone. The online pharmacy was launched with the intention of helping pet owners better care for pets, provide additional convenience, and possibly reduce pet illnesses.

The online pharmacy for Binford Pet Wellness Clinic simplifies caring for a pet, according to clinic staff. Among other services, the online pharmacy gives pet parents the ability to refill prescriptions for their pets, purchase preventative medications, choose vitamins and supplements, and purchase other necessary products and supplies, all without having to go into the clinic. In addition, the site sends reminders when it is time for a refill or time to place another order. The reminder feature is designed to help pet owners keep track of prescriptions and avoid running short on medications.

Dr. Mike Graves, the founder of the clinic stated, "The world is a busy place, and many of our clients are trying to streamline running errands. Between work, families, social events and school commitments, finding time to stop by the clinic and pick up routine prescriptions for pets can be burdensome. That's why we offer an online pharmacy. We believe our clients appreciate the convenience of being able to order prescriptions, preventative medications, vitamins, supplements and other pet supplies online at any time of the day or night."

The veterinarian further stated that while they want pet owners to bring pets in for preventive exams and health checks, they want to make the entire process more convenient for pet owners. Dr. Graves stated that the pharmacy ensures pet owners don't run out of the medications that their pets need to stay healthy while making the ordering process easier. Additionally, he said the online pharmacy is managed by the clinic, so pet owners can be confident in the knowledge they are getting quality medications.

In addition to the online pharmacy, Binford Pet Wellness Clinic also offers online appointment requests and online forms. The clinic has a presence on social media, an active blog, and e-newsletters to help pet owners manage their pet's health and wellness.

Binford Pet Wellness Clinic is located in Indianapolis, IN and provides a range of veterinary services including wellness care, bathing, grooming, advanced diagnostic and therapeutic services, surgical care, and emergency services. More information about the clinic, the services they provide, and the new online pharmacy can be found on the clinic's website:

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