Orinda Chiropractor Now Offering Foot Levelers "In Motion" Orthotics

ORINDA, Calif., Oct. 26, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Orinda chiropractor Dr. Kevin Wong announced his practice, Orinda Chiropractic Center, is now offering custom orthotics. Foot Levelers "In Motion" orthotics provide enhanced stabilization for maximum stability, protection, and comfort, according to Dr. Wong. Orthotics are prescribed to relieve biomechanical problems related to muscular fatigue and improve muscle performance.

Custom orthotics are now available from Orinda Chiropractic Center. Chiropractor Dr. Kevin Wong says he is excited to offer this natural, non-invasive treatment to his patients to reduce muscular fatigue and improve efficient muscle performance.

"Many biomechanical problems related to the feet occur when the connective tissue is placed under repetitive stress," said Dr. Wong. "Over time, the connective tissues can slowly stretch, leading to increased tissue length. This causes foot instability and problems like fallen arches or over-pronation. Custom orthotics address these biomechanical problems and can make a significant difference for an individual's overall health."

Orthotics are beneficial for individuals who are active in sports, stand or walk on hard surfaces for extended periods each day, or have previously had leg and foot injuries, according to Dr. Wong.

"An estimated three out of every four Americans will experience foot pain in some form over the course of their lives," said Dr. Wong. "Without effective treatment, these foot problems can be incredibly debilitating and painful. Orthotics are an effective treatment option to alleviate pain, and, depending on the severity, even correct this condition."

Orthotics may also be beneficial for individuals who suffer from knee and back pain. Lingering pain in the hips, knees and low back that does not respond to traditional treatment may be associated with foot mechanic problems. If that is the case, Dr. Wong says that orthotics can relieve these symptoms by addressing the root cause for the problem.

Dr. Wong uses a specialized digital foot scanner to generate a color image of the feet and evaluate weight distribution. Based on these findings, he determines the type of custom orthotic most appropriate for a patient's needs.

"The digital foot scanner is an important part of our evaluation system for determining the exact type of orthotics that are best suited for a patient's health needs," said Dr. Wong. "Everyone from athletes and runners to people that stand for extended periods can benefit from orthotics. By precisely identifying the trigger for foot pain, knee pain, hip pain or low back pain, we can ensure a patient receives the precise orthotic solution necessary for his or her health needs."

Dr. Wong offers Foot Levelers orthotics, including the Elite Collection, which integrates a dynamic response system with pelvic stabilization for maximum heel-strike and toe-off propulsion. The practice also offers the "5th Avenue" Collection, which is designed specifically for a woman's body. To learn more about custom orthotics, visit http://www.orindachiropractic.com.

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