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10 big crowdfunding campaigns making a difference

Riley Sandler Memorial Project, charitable crowdfunding

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Riley Sandler Memorial Foundation

The sudden death of their daughter earlier this year blindsided Ian and Mackenzie Sandler. The 9-year-old suffered respiratory arrest during her last night at camp. The Sandlers channeled their grief by establishing a charity to help promote the health and welfare of children in need—with Riley's name at the forefront. The ongoing campaign has already raised $562,000 from friends, family and a lot of strangers who are captivated by the stories and bunny-eared smiling face of Riley.

"We could never have imagined that we would have over 900 supporters in less than three days," the Sandlers said in a statement on the page. "From our dearest friends to people we have never even met, your words and donations continue to touch and inspire us."

Sandler family