Clearly intelligent, this champ a stock hater

What is an individual stock hater? That probably wasn't a question when Arthur Chu appeared on the TV show "Jeopardy!" but it's certainly an appropriate response after his latest appearance on CNBC's "Street Signs."

The 2014 game show champ said that, as an individual investor, he's loathe to own individual stocks. "The volatility has made me all the more insistent," he said.

Arthur Chu
Source: Arthur Chu | Google+
Arthur Chu

Largely, Chu believes there's no way a regular person can beat the pros. "I can't know a company the way they do."

That doesn't mean Chu would avoid the market altogether; it simply means Chu can't get behind single stocks.

He is, however, an advocate of index investing.

"Being an index investor means being invested in the total market and the entire economy," he said. "Of course, if the economy goes south as a whole, then my assets go south, too," but Chu added that index investing insulates an investor from company- and sector-specific issues.

Considering that Chu was a big Jeopardy! winner, he took home almost $300,000, it's fairly safe to assume he's a smart guy. In case you're wondering where else he'd put money to work, Chu said he would consider real estate. "Your local knowledge and effort can give you an edge in real estate," he said. Also he'd put money behind a business he liked, one in which he knew the proprietor personally.

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However, single stocks hold very little appeal. "In the world of the NYSE, I'm competing against institutional investors that know much more about stocks than I do. I don't like those odds."