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Cramer Remix: Keep your Twitter #criticism

Cramer's long-term Twitter call

Oil hit new lows on Monday, finally breaking the basement level of $80 that it has been tiptoeing around for days. Almost immediately, the slippery slope effect kicked in and market dropped. After all if oil goes down, than that must mean the economy is going down too, right?

"Lower oil is like lower taxes. It's a huge win. Which is why the central premise that the market must go down on oil's weakness is just hogwash," said Jim Cramer.

In a market that doesn't make sense, he thinks it is time to change investor mindset and think opportunistically.

Cramer's key to picking stocks: Companies that have good prospects for the future and are doing better than the average company but haven't been discovered yet.

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Though Cramer might get a lot of #criticism, he let the cat out of the bag when he backed Twitter (TWTR).

"Twitter, I'm going to take a lot of heat. I'm going to say it, that I think Twitter is a great long-term investment. Let people throw it away, let people criticize me. But you know what? I've got real things to criticize me over. Don't criticize me over liking Twitter, Yahoo (YHOO) or Alibaba (BABA)."

Another stock that Cramer thinks has long-term upside potential, is Allergan (AGN). This company has been filled with drama this year due to Valeant's (VRX) multiple attempts for a hostile takeover.

In response, Allergan's management has taken drastic measures to keep Valeant off of its tail. The result? Stellar earnings reported on Monday. Cramer spoke with CEO David Pyott to gain further clarity on the direction of Allergan.

"We have a huge momentum in sales growth. With 17 percent sales growth this quarter, it was the very best quarter in all of our 64 years as a company," said Pyott.

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David Pyott, CEO of Allergan, left, with Jim Cramer on Mad Money.
Source: CNBC

Even with Allergan hitting it out of the ballpark, along with many other companies this quarter, crude oil still struggles.

Speaking of slippery slopes, Goldman Sachs made a bold move when it slashed oil forecasts, citing abundant supply and lackluster demand on Monday.

Of course, Cramer has never been one follow along mindlessly, and he smells a fish. He is skeptical of the downgrade, just judging by the history of the firm.

"There was a time when I would have burned the whole oil group in effigy here and ridiculed them. Now I'm just looking a tad askance at this big, bold call that crushing the oil patch long after it's already been bent, spindled and mutilated," said the "Mad Money" host.

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Another stock that Cramer thinks could offer a breath of fresh air is one of the leading distributors of natural and organic foods. Cramer spoke with Steven Spinner, CEO of United Natural Foods (UNFI), who shed light on the direction of the natural food industry.

With competition heating up, companies like Whole Foods (WFM) have brought down United Natural Foods' stock more than 16 percent year to date. However, Cramer still thinks it is a solid business with a history of making smart acquisitions.

"There is a lot of increased competition in our space, especially in retail. However, as consumers are more concerned about products that are good for you, the retailers are carrying more of the product. That's good for us," said Spinner.

That was evident, as the company reported United Natural Foods reported better than expected quarter. Can they continue to skyrocket next year?

Even with United Natural Foods and Twitter as the hot stocks to ask about on Monday, Cramer trucked ahead with stock recommendations for the Lightning Round:

Peabody Energy (BTU): "My problem is that long term I am very skeptical of coal, and I can't back away from that. This is the best one if you're going to be in the group, but I am very concerned about coal."

Colfax Corp (CFX): "This is a company that does fluid business, which is great for long term. I am not going to recommend selling this. I think it's going to go up, but it's not going to happen overnight. So those that think it's going to go up because I say to buy it and you buy it tomorrow, you will be wrong."

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