Diet Doc Announces Medical Weight Loss Programs to Help Patients Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight

HOUSTON, Oct. 27, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Which is the lesser of the two evils – cigarette smoking or obesity? Both are dangerous, can lead to countless diseases and severely limit the ability to enjoy a full and active lifestyle. Many find that when they do give up cigarettes, they gain unwanted and unhealthy excess weight. So, is it really possible to kick a smoking habit and lose weight? The answer is yes. Fortunately, Diet Doc has designed their medical weight loss programs that have helped thousands of patients quit smoking without gaining weight.

The American Cancer Society reports that quitting smoking typically adds about 10 pounds to one's body. Because people are so accustomed to putting something in their mouth, they find themselves substituting food for cigarettes. So, finding the perfect diet while quitting smoking can be challenging, leaving many feeling that their struggle will never end. But, because Diet Doc's staff is specially trained in the science of weight loss, patients who follow their medical weight loss programs can expect to learn how to quit smoking without gaining weight. In fact, a recent in-house survey of over 20,000 actual patients revealed an average loss of 20 pounds during the first month without between meal hunger, food cravings or loss of energy.

Subsequent to new patients completing a health questionnaire and consulting online with one of Diet Doc's highly trained doctors, certified nutritionists spend time with each patient to design meal and snack plans that are unique to their food preferences, age, gender, medical conditions and lifestyle, taking into account the additional stress of quitting smoking. These meal and snack plans combine the smart nutritional food concepts behind such diets as the Paleo diet, gluten free diets, protein diets, the Atkins diet and the Mayo clinic diet into a new approach combined with hormone treatments, weight loss supplements and appetite suppressants to generate natural, safe and fast weight loss while eliminating side effects. By getting back to basics and freeing the liver and body from chemicals, processed food, excess sugar and carbohydrates, and adding these exclusive prescription hormone treatments and supplements, the body will easily release weight at a rapid pace.

The most important step when learning how to quit smoking without gaining weight is having a strong support system. For this reason, Diet Doc developed their diet plans that offer unlimited access to a team of experts who are passionate about helping everyone become healthier. Diet Doc patents can reach their team six days per week, who are always eager to answer questions, offer suggestions, or simply to lend their support and guidance should the patient become discouraged or stumble during the process.

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