GAWK CEO Launches Company Revenue Plan on Money-TV

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 27, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GAWK Inc. (OTC:GAWK) CEO Scott Kettle appeared on Money-TV ( on Friday, October 24, 2014, launching GAWK's plan to create revenue by acquiring data centers to offload the vast amounts of data produced by the major wireless cell phone companies.

"The big wireless companies like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and others around the world have a problem," Kettle said. "The explosive growth in cell phone use creates vast and growing amounts of data. There is only so much spectrum and the Telcos are running out of room for storage. My family are pioneers in the telecommunications arena, having started three public companies that were very successful, and based on my experience and contacts within the industry, GAWK believes it has a solution by becoming the largest storage site for cell phone data. That is a business model that's not only creative, but also progressive."

"GAWK is a new way to capitalize on the explosive growth in cell phone use," Kettle continued. "We don't make or sell phones, but our customers do. And our customers are among the giants of global business. When they succeed, we do as well."

About GAWK, Inc.

Gawk Incorporated is a world innovator of self-service global digital distribution. Designed to meet the needs of modern consumers, Gawk has the unique and defining capability to stream all forms of digital media, including but not limited to, movies, documentaries, TV shows, music videos, vlogs, digital books, digital shorts, social networking videos and video game entertainment. The Pay per Gawk model offers a simplistic and economical transaction experience with each purchase. No subscription fees, no hidden costs. Gawk provides an innovative platform and interactive social network for artists to capitalize on their creativity through the Gawk self-service model of Post, Price and Promote. Gawk's multifaceted strategic approach generates ongoing and long-term revenue opportunities through independent content publishing, creative entertainment viewing, product integration, sponsorship and advertising.

Scott Kettle

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr. Kettle is the founder of a series of successful family-owned and operated public companies in the telephony and telecommunications industry in the wake of the government-mandated break-up of AT&T's monopoly some 25 years ago. Beginning with Thrifty-Tel (TTEL) in partnership with his father William Kettle, a steeply discounted provider of long-distance telephone service and pioneer of Flat Rate Communications, Kettle moved on to the wholesale sector serving as CIO for Five Star Telecom from 1994 to 1999. In 1998, Mr. Kettle founded and served as President and CEO of Tele Com Specialists, Inc. a software company. Kettle moved into the emerging DSL area, founding SpeeDsl, Inc. Within two years, from 1999 until 2002, SpeeDsl became the largest provider of DSL services to businesses in America ranking as high as #1 in customer satisfaction. The next venture was as the visionary driving force behind eWAN 1, Inc. (EWAN) serving in the capacity of CEO and President. eWAN pioneered the burgeoning IPTV sector. Mr. Kettle's extensive public company experience and more than twenty-five years of executive management give him the qualifications and skills to serve as a senior executive for the Gawk team.

Forward-Looking Statements

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