Telefonica optimizes their orders and costs with Saaswedo's MyTEM360 software

PARIS, Oct. 28, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Nicolas Pasquet
Head of French Offices

Telefonica optimizes their orders and costs with Saaswedo's MyTEM360 software

Since 2013, the international carrier Telefonica has depended on Saaswedo, the French specialist when it comes to telecom management software, for managing the orders of their multinational clients. "After only 8 months of direct collaboration, we are seeing concrete results as well as a major impact for our costs" revealed Nicolas Pasquet, The Head of Telefonica's Global Solutions France Office.

Present in 23 countries and with over 320 million clients, the international carrier is developing from their French offices a strictly off-net, BtoB Managed WAN activity (Landline and mobile, Machine to Machine, Business Applications, etc). Telefonica notably manages communication services for their international clientele in the different countries where they are present via partnerships with the primary, local telecom carriers.

Accompanying the evolution of purchasing policy

"We depend a great deal on third-party suppliers. Unifying our process through a single tool should save us a lot of time while providing us with management that is more dependable" explained Nicolas Pasquet.

After noticing the efficiency of MyTEM360, Saaswedo's solution, while working with his first French telecom partner in 2010, it's only natural that Telefonica directly approached the software vendor to accompany the evolution of its purchasing policy. "We wanted to intelligently diversity our purchases and in doing so, we have multiplied the number of carriers to integrate for our orders. This represents numerous catalogues and contractual settings. We needed reactivity and flexibility form our partner." Remarked the Head of Telefonica Global Solution's French offices.

Thanks to MyTEM360's ordering module, configured by Saaswedo, Telefonica's teams in France and the Czech Republic can simply manage all of their partnering carriers. The users based in Prague in particular are responsible for all of Europe and benefit from having a reliable automatic translation system that has brought a tremendous amount of fluidity to their actions.

"Our teams can moreover track information better, for a greater reliability in data processing. Before, this demanded more intensity when working from their emails" clarified Nicolas Pasquet.

Reliability, reactivity, and user-friendliness

Telefonica benefits from Saaswedo's TEM (Telecom Expense Management) expertise, which allows them to have fleet, usage, and mobile cost monitoring at their disposal so that they can better respond to their clients' needs. "This user-friendly, ergonomic, and intuitive solution allows us to supervise and strictly control all of the costs for the carriers" summarized Nicolas Pasquet, who underlined the ease of use of this tool by his teams, even without dedicated training. "Thanks to MyTEM360, we have been able to replace manual consolidation of data coming from carrier files with automatic, reliable, and quick monitoring" he added. Telefonica's team can in return focus their energy on analyzing and decision making rather than preparing the reports themselves.

At Telefonica's service, Saaswedo confirms once again its capacity to help manage all of a company's telecom services thanks to numerous complementary functions, like its ordering module or real-time data management for mobile fleets. A functional coverage allows them to respond to their client's various needs. Nicolas Pasquet commends this flexibility: "We appreciated Saaswedo's availability as well as their capacity to effectively manage the requests of an international actor such as Telefonica. All with a great capacity for listening and adapting."

About Telefonica

Telefonica is one of the most important telecommunications carrier in the world in termes of market capitalization and number of clients. Thanks to its position in the sector, the group is concentrating its strategy on reinforcing its leadership position in the digital world. Present in 24 countries and with over 320 million clients, Telefonica has a strong presence in Europe and in Latin America, and benefits from high-profile, industrial alliances on a global scale, that allows them to take advantage of growth opportunities. Telefonica is represented in the stock market with over 1.5 million stockholders. The group is listed in different stock markets including London and New York.

Within the group, Telefonica Global Solutions (TGS) is globally managing offers for multinational corporations and developing an integrated and competitive portfolio of transport and enterprise solutions. Telefonica Global Solutions is a multicultural organization with over 1400 employees who work in over 40 countries and speak over 15 languages.

About Saaswedo
Saaswedo, leading software vendor in telecom management, proposes innovative and effective solutions that are 100% SaaS. Thanks to the unique consolidation of carrier data, our offer allows your clients to master their telecom policy and optimize costs. With 50% of our workers devoted to R&D, our tools have been developed in collaboration with reputable technology partners. Saaswedo's solutions are diffused in an indirect manner with today about twenty partners around Europe and the United States, among which are the largest telecom carriers.

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