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Gutters of Facebook, and dead wood cleanup

Cramer: Time for this CEO to hit the road

In a wild market with great expectations and an even greater market rally on Tuesday, Jim Cramer is cleaning out the dead wood.

The "Mad Money" host thinks that at a time when company stocks are flying all over the place, it is a good idea to figure out what people are expecting. He knows that often it is the expectations, not the numbers themselves, that decide the direction of a stock when a company reports.

One example of expectations is with Facebook (FB) earnings, which lead him to believe this one is in it for the long haul.

"Stocks get completely obliterated. Then people thought about it a little bit more and thought it wasn't so bad. This is a common mentality in this quarter, which is why I think Facebook goes down 10 and then starts creeping back up," Cramer said.

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How the heck can we figure out where the market is headed? When Cramer is unsure of where the averages are going, he knows it's time to take out the crystal ball of the charts.

He turned to Dan Fitzpatrick, president and founder of, to get his take on where the market averages will go in the days ahead. Turns out Fitzpatrick thinks that the dramatic marketplace is about to get nice and boring again.

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The market isn't boring yet with venom spewing all over the place on Yahoo's Marissa Mayer, and it's killing the bulls left and right. Cramer thinks that is a problem. In fact, he thinks the venom hitting Yahoo (YHOO) should be redirected to Twitter (TWTR).

Tuesday was a significant day for Yahoo, as Marissa Mayer has officially tripled the price of the stock since she took over as CEO of the company.

"Unlike Mayer who gave a very good defense of what she's done, I found CEO Dick Costolo incoherent on the call," Cramer said.

The "Mad Money" host added Twitter should be adding millions of followers to become a personal news service for the world. What is happening is quite the opposite.

Cramer: Redirect your Yahoo venom to Twitter

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As proof that no one ever made a dime panicking, Cramer recommends taking a look at airline stocks. They have been crushed in October over fears of Ebola. Good news is that the low price of oil has been a major boost for companies like Spirit Airlines (SAVE).

This stock has rebounded like crazy in the past two weeks, and Cramer turned to Spirit Airlines CEO Ben Baldanza to hear where he thinks the company and airline industry is headed.

It is the largest of the ultra low-cost carriers, and has the lowest prices out of all them. Basically they charge travelers for everything that is not the seat.

"We always think about how to lower our prices. Every night I go to bed and think 'how can I make the price lower for our customers tomorrow?'," Baldanza said.

Another stock that has been balancing out with the volatile markets, is AGCO (AGCO), the third-largest maker and distributor of agricultural equipment in the world. This stock was hammered due to the lousy overall environment, and is down 23 percent year to date.

Cramer wonders if AGCO's stock has come down so far that it can only come back up? He spoke with AGCO CEO, Martin Richenhagen to find out.

"The fundamentals are still there, and we do the right thing. We not only buy back shares, we also have done a very radical and very quick re-engineering of our business that is healthy and will help to reduce costs," said Richenhagen.

Now that Cramer has highlighted a few stocks that could be winners, like Yahoo, and losers, like Twitter, he provided further light on which ones could bring home the bacon in the Lightning Round:

Goldman Sachs (GS): "After they reported that quarter, after the conference call the stock got completely obliterated. Then people thought about it a little bit more and thought it wasn't so bad. This is a common mentality in this quarter."

Agios Pharmaceuticals (AGIO): "I really like it, but I think you should take some off the table before earnings because I can't let a gain turn into a loss."

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