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This state has America's worst tax climate: Study

A sign states business hours in the James A. Farley post office in Manhattan, which is open late today, the last day to file taxes on April 15, 2014.

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Best and worst states for taxes

Income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, corporate taxes—they all add up, but in some states more than others.

The Tax Foundation released a new report Tuesday ranking all 50 states on their "business tax climate," which the foundation said was an effort to highlight how well (or not) states structure their tax systems.

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A defining feature of the best states, the foundation said, was omitting one of the major taxes altogether (like income or corporate taxes). The worst states, the foundation said, had both numerous taxes and high rates on those levies.

Following is a list of the five best and five worst states, according to the foundation.

By Ben Berkowitz
First published 28 Oct 2014

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