Nautilus Homes Trademarks Their Signature Design Concept: the Jewel Box Home

SARASOTA, Fla., Oct. 29, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nautilus Homes, the premiere luxury home builder in Southwest Florida, has trademarked their signature design concept, the Jewel Box home. Organically developed as a response to the recent recession, the Jewel Box Home has steadily increased in popularity with both clients and the competition, making its mark along the Southwestern coast of Florida.

A Jewel Box home is a home around 4,000 square feet that still carries the same high level of quality as a larger home, including upgrades such as higher quality windows and doors, oil painted trims, Sub-Zero appliances, engineered wood floors and excellent landscaping.

Initially the brainchild of Ryan Perrone, now President of the company, Nautilus Homes began as a branch of the family-run Perrone Construction. Constructing high end custom homes since 1980, Perrone Construction specializes in large, luxury homes, but it wasn't until the Recession when more clients wanted more realistically sized houses that Nautilus was able to branch out on their own, establishing their own brand and the premise of a Jewel Box home.

"The recession pushed people to downsize their homes at the risk of forsaking quality. We fitted the Jewel Box home to cater to those looking for more cost-effective, yet quality homes. The Jewel Box home approach became so popular, people started asking for it by name," says Perrone. "The concept carries a lot of weight around our community but it wasn't until we saw the Jewel Box home name used by our competitors did we decide to make it official and trademark the term."

The first Jewel Box home was built in 2009 in Spice Bay at just under 4,000 square feet. Now, with Jewel Box homes lining the coast of Southwestern Florida and more being built at a steady rate, the Jewel Box home has certainly made a noteworthy mark on the area. Perrone says, "We coined the term Jewel Box because it is a natural fit. It's the perfect representation of the homes we build, luxurious, detail oriented and well appointed."

About Nautilus Homes

Founded by Ryan Perrone in 2011, Nautilus Homes is a custom home building company based on the idea of form, function and beauty -- the innate qualities of a nautilus shell. Since its inception, the company has grown year over year, making its mark up and down the coast of Southwestern Florida, working with renowned and award winning architects and interior designers. Most recently, Nautilus Homes received an award for Home of the Year and trademarked their signature design concept, the Jewel Box home. For more information, contact Kelly Downey at Shamin Abas Public Relations at or 561.366.1226 or head to

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