Yangtze River Economic Belt

A Second Leap Forward for China's Domestic Economy?

NEW YORK, Oct. 29, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 2014 December issue of NewsChina magazine highlights the following headline topics:

The Cover Story: Vein of Gold highlights the "golden waterway" of the Yangtze River accommodates 60 percent of the freight traffic for China's inland provinces. 85 percent of the country's coal and iron ore is produced in the river's basin, and more than 90 percent of foreign trade cargo produced in China's interior is transported via the Yangtze to the nation's ports.

Special Report: Dealer Bust: Inside China's War on Drugs. China's recent high-profile crackdown on drugs has won the country's narcotics police some positive publicity, but increasingly sophisticated smuggling methods and the rise of new synthetic drugs pose an unprecedented challenge to law enforcement

Politics: Island Divided: Whither Hong Kong? A political showdown looms in Hong Kong between the local government, pan-democratic activists and the central government after Beijing released a proposal for the city's first full elections in 2017

International: Steppe Forward Despite sharing a vast border, China and Mongolia have had a complicated relationship

Society: Unequal to Over-Equal China's notoriously difficult college entrance examination is undergoing yet another overhaul in a bid to promote equality – but controversies abound

Economy: Cleaning Balance Sheets Will permission to sell bonds reassure the world that indebted local governments in China can get their fiscal affairs in order?

Editorial: An effective anti-corruption drive needs a three-dimensional approach What has been largely ignored in the discussion is the need to foster a political culture in which corruption is politically intolerable.

Commentary: Laws are useless if they can't be enforced The grand ambitions of the new Budget Law need to be supported by effective and systemic reform

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