'Chevy Guy' and the awkward World Series moment

San Francisco Giants’ Madison Bumgarner, left, holds the MVP trophy as he shakes hands with "Chevy guy" Rikk Wilde after Game 7 of the World Series in Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 29, 2014.
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As awkward moments go during the celebrations of sports championships, the "Chevy Guy" presenting the World Series MVP with a truck is up there.

In fact, Rikk Wilde has become a bit of an overnight sensation on social media.

Here's what happened.

In keeping with its long running tradition of awarding the World Series MVP a new vehicle, GM presented a brand new Chevy Colorado to Madison Bumgarner of the San Francisco Giants after game seven of the series Wednesday night.

What should have been a quick, uneventful presentation of keys, turned into an awkward moment.

Peter Bukowski with Sports described the presentation this way: "A wildly nervous Chevy representative attempted to both congratulate Bumgarner and hawk Chevys…"

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Chevy's Guy in Kansas City

The Chevy representative was Rikk Wilde, the brand's product zone manager for the Kansas City metro area.

Reading from a note card and clearly very nervous about being on national television, Wilde said the 2015 Chevy Colorado "...combines class winning and leading technology and stuff with wifi powered by OnStar."

The presentation lasted only a minute and finished uneventfully with Wilde congratulating Bumgarner, but it seemed to last a whole lot longer.

GM realizes the moment on national TV was not the smoothest, but it's trying to also keep it in perspective.

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"Having Rikk do the presentation is easy to second guess now," said Terry Rhadigan, GM's executive director of product and communication . "But Rikk's our guy in Kansas City. We've always had a brand representative present the car or truck to the MVP."

Rhadigan also points out that while Wilde was nervous, he was also very genuine.

GM has taken to social media using the hashtags #technologyandstuff as well as #chevyguy.

What drove GM profits

Colorado currently under recall

For Chevy, showcasing the Colorado after the World Series is important, and valuable.

Front Row Marketing, which tracks the value of product and brand placements at events, originally estimated the overall value of Wilde's one minute on Fox at $1.95 million. Now, because of the publicity it's garnered, the firm is estimating it will be worth $3 million. Front Row calculates that value by measuring references, mentions, etc. of the presentation in social media, news pages, blogs and TV news programs.

What many viewers on Fox were not aware of was that the new Colorado pickup has recently been recalled.

A stop delivery order for 2,400 Colorado trucks has been sent to Chevy dealers around the country, due to a software glitch impacting the airbags in the trucks. (The actual Colorado truck Bumgarner receives from GM will not be a recalled pickup and will have a clean bill of health.)

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Should GM have thought twice about presenting a recalled truck on national television?

"The Colorado is the truck we're launching right now and we're proud of it," says Rhadigan. "So the decision was made, let's present this truck to the World Series MVP."

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