Ludlow's Industrial Foam Division Becomes Crown Foam Technologies

FREMONT, Ohio, Oct. 30, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ludlow Composites Corporation, one of the most recognized developers of custom PVC and latex foam solutions, and parent to Crown Matting Technologies and Crown Canine Sports Matting, today announces that it will operate its foam manufacturing division under the name Crown Foam Technologies.

"Throughout its 70 year history, our Crown divisions have always stood for ingenuity, strength, and reliability," said Vincent J. DePhillips, President of Ludlow Composites. "It's important we align these brand pillars in every phase of our business. This name change brings us one step closer."

The transformation comes two years after Ludlow Composites was acquired by Desco Capital, a privately held company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Crown Foam Technologies will continue to support all of its global industry partners in the automotive, industrial, medical, and consumer appliance fields.

"Our company is now positioned with a clear global brand and cohesive marketing approach," says Adam Strizzi, Marketing Manager for Ludlow Composites. "This evolution reinforces our brand promise – to engineer tailored PVC and latex foam solutions that help our customers innovate, progress, and succeed in their markets."

John Seitz, Director of Sales for [now] Crown Foam Technologies adds, "We look forward to building on this momentum and continuing to deliver positive results for our customers."

Along with the name change and rebranding program, Crown Foam Technologies has updated its logo and website URL to to better align its brand identity with its business strategy.

About Crown Foam Technologies

Crown Foam Technologies has pioneered the research and development of PVC and latex foam solutions for over 70 years. The company is well-known for its invention of Zedlan® Foam, a patented foam technology found in Crown's industrial line of matting products. Today, Crown Foam Technologies has the most diverse line of customized PVC formulations in the industry. The company provides "fit-for-use" applications for a wide variety of market segments. from automotive to general purpose foams.

For more information, visit or call (419) 332-5531.

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