The New Texas Blend: Not Your Grandfather's Energy Market

DALLAS, Oct. 30, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Affordable renewable energy and a partially deregulated electricity market present the prospect of an unprecedented boost for companies and new technologies in this market space. In addition, developers are starting to add rooftop solar electric to their standard residential packages, and financiers offer packages that all but eliminate sticker shock for consumers adding PV to their homes and commercial structures.

What does this mean for the bottom line of companies doing business in Texas? How will the infrastructure host and blend all the new technologies?

These and other issues will be examined and discussed at the annual conference of the Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association (TREIA), to be held Nov. 3-6 at the Sheraton Dallas hotel. Titled "Shaping Texas' Evolving Energy Markets," the conference also will commemorate the Association's 30th anniversary.

"The market for renewable energy has changed dramatically since TREIA was founded in 1984," said Hala Ballouz, President of Electric Power Engineers and TREIA president. "Now we talk in terms of the new Texas blend for the electricity sector – solar, wind, natural gas, storage, and energy efficiency. How will the blend be managed on the grid? How will regulation and water issues affect the market for renewables? These are some of the discussions we will have at the TREIA conference."

Details regarding speakers, the full conference agenda, hotel registration and exhibitor opportunities can be found at the conference website,

TREIA is the only industry association that represents the full range of renewable energy technologies in Texas. Founded in 1984, Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association (TREIA) is a key trade and advocacy organization headquartered in Austin, Texas. TREIA is the oldest renewable energy non-profit trade organization in Texas whose work promoting development of renewable resources and their wise use celebrates thirty years as a vital voice in the industry. For more conference information on Texas Renewables 2014 go to or call 512-716-9012.

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