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Lightning Round: Diamond Offshore, Melco Crown & more


Armour Residential: "No. When I see these big dividend stocks ... it has always been a red flag for me. I just don't recommend it."

Wabash National: "That stock has been completely hammered, and it does have some debt. But it's not so much debt that I worry. I like the bottom fishing idea, and that has not been a great way to make money so far in 2014, but this heaven sent year is almost over."

Westport Innovations: "Maybe take a tax loss on this one. This theory of the natural gas liquid fuel, it just didn't happen. I think Westport is not going to be able to pull out of this."

Schlumberger: "Think long term on this one. You may have to buy that stock again at $90. Schlumberger had a monster quarter, oil is not going to stay down forever and there's too much demand."

Melco Crown Entertainment: "I want you to swap out of Melco, and go into MGM. MGM is the way to go, and it's right here right now."

Diamond Offshore Drilling: "Too risky. You need to swap out of Diamond, and buy into Schlumberger instead."

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Alliant Techsystems: "This stock has been destroyed. It is such an opportunity, I say it is time for a buy buy buy."

Energy Transfer Partners: "I think this is the right thing to buy here. It has bounced back and is one of the few that has actually gone all the way back up. I think you have to be careful, there are two or three points of risk with Energy Transfer."

YRC Worldwide: "If I want to move things, I will send you to UPS. That is the way to go."

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