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'Power Pitch' revisits OnCore Golf with co-founders & new COO

Power Pitch Revisits OnCore Golf
Power Pitch Revisits OnCore Golf

A lot has happened since OnCore Golf was featured on "Power Pitch" in March. With a new president and more accreditation, the steel-centered golf ball manufacturer is on its way to expanding its reach.

Joseph White—a 30-year golf industry veteran—first learned about the company on the radio.

"I was driving from my office to a meeting and I had XM radio on in the car and I was listening to CNBC and the 'Power Pitch' and my curiosity was peaked," White said.

OnCore’s MA 1.0
Source: OnCore Golf

After getting in touch with co-founders Bret Blakely and Steve Coulton, the entrepreneurs knew White was the right person to become OnCore Golf's COO and president.

"Joe really helped refine our passion and enthusiasm for the hollow metal core technology, got us focusing on sales and working with the golf professionals," Blakely said.

Another big drive for the company—their MA 1.0 golf ball gained USGA and R&A's conforming to the Rules of Golf accreditation.

"It's a ball that can be played legally in all tournaments of all levels, USGA and R&A," Blakely told CNBC.

"We've been able to attract a whole new investor community to OnCore Golf … that probably was not available to us without the exposure on CNBC," White said.

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