Global Fashion Technologies, Inc Announces Purchase of New Mexico Facility

Sante Fe Springs, CA, Oct. 31, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Fashion Technologies, Inc (OTC: GFTI) is very pleased to announced that it has purchased a 40 acre site including a 165,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Belen New Mexico. Global is partnering with Pure Systems International, LTD to create and operate a new state of the art Textile Fiber Rejuvenation plant at this location.

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez welcomed Global and Pure to New Mexico while speaking at a dedication ceremony on Tuesday October 28. "Global Fashion Technologies is a forward-thinking, environmentally-conscious company that we are thrilled to have in our state creating jobs and exporting goods all over the world," said Governor Martinez. "We have significantly improved our business climate to specifically recruit manufacturing businesses like this to our state."

"Initial prep work on the building itself has already started" stated Joy Nunn, CEO of Pure Systems International. "Our unique, energy efficient production equipment is scheduled for installation very soon and we are on track to start shipping finished goods in Spring of 2015. That means we will start the hiring process in first quarter with expected employment levels to surpass 300 people when we hit full production in the facility."

"Our Research and Development efforts at Pure have yielded significant advancements in our base technology over the last few years" discussed Paul Serbiak, Managing Partner of Pure Systems. "The next generation fibers and fiber blends produced in our new state of the art facility will offer our customers superior performance to virgin fiber and to previous generations of our own technology."

"These are very important steps that confirm our commitment of creating and delivering better consumer products through sustainable innovative methods of manufacturing" said Tom Witthuhn, CEO of Global. "Our technologies and production methodologies deliver the strongest sustainability message in the market. In addition to the positive impact of rejuvenating raw materials that would normally be headed to landfills or incinerators, we can legitimately lay claim to immense water conservation. In fact, it would take over 500 billion gallons of water to grow an equal amount of cotton to the annual fiber output of this Rejuvenation facility," he added.

Chris H Giordano Co Chairman of Global stated "Having an opportunity to work with the State of New Mexico is in my opinion a pre-cursor of other similar opportunities to come as we move further down the road. Utilizing our patented technology coupled with the capital and the aggressive incentive programs that are being offered to Global by our suitors will not only create a substantial job base in the communities we work with, but will also potentially create substantial profit for our company going forward.

Sustainable products is a very large silo of opportunity for us since it at the top of the list of the most important things that CEOS of Fortune 500 companies are concentrating on according to research that was done by Verdantix.

This paradigm shift in corporate policy positions us right in the middle of the vast sustainable fiber need of many major consumer product companies.

We have a world class group of intelligent, relentless and diligent people in Tom Witthuhn, Joy Nunn and Paul Serbiak. Couple that with an ability to get the financing necessary to open up facilities globally we are extremely excited for the potential that the future holds for our shareholders.

We thank them and the great State of New Mexico and its citizens for their support of what will be a long term partnership between our company their State.

About Global Fashion Technologies Inc: In addition to marketing Fiber Rejuvenation based textiles, Global Fashion Technologies Inc. markets U.S. produced branded apparel under the Avani and Cabe Studios brands as well as private label apparel and other textile-based products.

About Pure System International LTD: Pure System International LTD is a Global Technology and Management company, the global leader in Regeneration and application technology, specializing in the analysis, mobilization and transformation of the world's largest waste streams.

CONTACT: To Contact Tom Witthuhn 323-277-9090 To Contact Chris H Giordano 973-291-8900 To contact Joy Nunn 212-228-3070 ext. 100 To Contact Paul Serbiak 212-228-3070 ext. 101 Source:Global Fashion Technologies Group, Inc