RHJ International: Launch of a Share Buy-Back Programme

BRUSSELS, Belgium, Oct. 31, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RHJ International ("RHJI") announces the launch of a share buy-back programme for an amount of up to 1.3 million shares (representing approximately 0.98% of total outstanding shares) and a consideration of up to EUR 6.5 million. The programme is expected to commence today. The programme relies on, and will take place in accordance with, the authority granted to RHJI by its Shareholders' Meeting of 17 June 2014. The programme will be executed through trades on Euronext Brussels and will run until 30 January 2015 at the latest. The programme is implemented in accordance with the EU Regulation 2273/2003 of 22 December 2003 (as regards certain exemptions for share buy-back programmes). RHJI has appointed a financial institution which will manage the programme under a discretionary management agreement. Shares acquired on any single trading day will not exceed 25% of the average daily trading volume for the shares on Euronext Brussels during the 20 stock exchange days preceding the date of each purchase. The shares acquired under the programme will be allocated to employees of RHJI or of affiliated or associated companies under RHJI's incentive compensation plan. Trades made under the programme will be reported on a weekly basis through the website of RHJI.

For further information, please contact:

Katia Levy-Thevenon
Investor Relations Director
RHJ International
Tel: +32 2 643 6013
E-mail: klevy@rhji.com

About RHJ International:

RHJ International (Euronext: RHJI) is a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Belgium, having its registered office at Avenue Louise 326, 1050 Brussels, Belgium. RHJ International is a financial services group with principal activities in wealth management, asset management and merchant banking. For further information visit: www.rhji.com.

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Source:RHJ International SA