Viewer feedback: The citizenship debate

Wow, giving up citizenship can be a touchy subject.

There was a lot of response—emails, comments, Tweets and one voice mail ending with "you idiot"—criticizing my take on the growing number of Americans abroad considering an end to their relationship with the Red, White and Blue.

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I had two main thrusts. Congress passed a flawed law and people have a somewhat casual notion about citizenship. It was the latter point that raised the most ire.

But hey, I was imagining all the ancestors I might face in the afterlife. This would include Pilgrims fleeing religious persecution, immigrants looking for economic opportunity, veterans of various wars for freedom and such. How would I explain to them that, despite their hardship and sacrifice to establish their family here, I decided to ditch being American because the tax code wasn't right.

My critics had some points. We're running an op-ed giving voice to some of them. The law is really onerous (OK, I said that from the outset). And it's really hard to get Congress to change laws, especially if you're a dispersed minority. Of course many interest groups have faced the same challenges and still managed to get some change in their favor with time and hard work. Nevertheless I will agree that the task is formidable.

What's become apparent in the debate is that while some may want to give up American citizenship, they resent the notion that they are giving up American values.