San Antonio Chiropractor Recommends Fighting Holiday Stress With Nutrition

SAN ANTONIO, Nov. 2, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As the holidays sweep into town, many people report increases in stress. This year, San Antonio chiropractor Dr. Donald Phillips recommends using healthy food to fight stress during the holidays. Dr. Phillips recommends revising one's holiday expectations and menus to reduce stress levels and says that adding self-care time that includes exercise, chiropractic spinal adjustments, and massage therapy can also make the holidays less hectic and more enjoyable. He adds that better holiday nutrition does not mean cutting out the fun and flavor—but instead, focusing on delicious things that make everyone feel healthier and happier overall.

"I'm urging people to avoid the sugar-saturated goodies and heavy foods, or at least cut down on them," explains Dr. Phillips. "They may taste good for a moment or two, but it's exactly those sorts of holiday diet choices that cause wild blood sugar swings, weight gain, exhaustion, headaches—it all makes holiday stress worse. But there are so many great holiday foods that can actually make us feel better, more energetic and even bolster our immune systems. Good holiday nutrition tastes good and makes you feel good too."

Dr. Phillips says it is important to have a strategy for approaching nutrition during the holidays. His list includes staying hydrated on water and herbal teas; he says these improve hydration and help people feel fuller so they are not as likely to overindulge. He also recommends limiting heavy eggnog, lattes, and alcoholic beverages.

According to Dr. Phillips, there are many healthy holiday foods and substitutes that taste great. He mentions salads made with winter greens like radicchio and escarole, as well as more savory versions of sweet potatoes, lower-sugar cranberry sauces and numerous pumpkin dishes. He adds that cooks can also substitute some of the oil, butter, and sugar in traditional baked goods with fruit and even vegetable purees. Dr. Phillips also advises people not to skip meals in preparation for big parties or get-togethers. He recommends healthy snacks from the fruit and vegetable tray, Greek yogurt, berries, and nuts as more nutrient-packed pick-me-ups.

According to Dr. Phillips, lowering holiday stress often involves just re-thinking old traditions and making new ones. "It doesn't have to be just about the food. New traditions can include family walks, games, and serving in the community. Think about lower-stress ways to bond with your family and friends and do something all of you can feel great about. And if the stress gets to be too much, think about getting a massage or a chiropractic adjustment to make sure you're taking care of yourself so you can enjoy the holidays too."

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