Wham Inc. Announces Memo to Shareholders

PARK RIDGE, Ill., Nov. 3, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On the heels of the productive Las Vegas Board of Directors meeting, Wham Inc. (OTCPK:WFMC) is excited about the growth and potential of the companies in which they are formulating agreements with. These agreements will be beneficial for shareholders as the deals are finalized after the IPO offering.

Wham Inc. also discussed, during their corporate minutes, various matters including the positions of the Officers of the Board of Directors, and the refined company's mission statement. We had the opportunity to visit our new office location in Las Vegas where one of our divisions (P2Pxtreme) is located, which will deliver and install its high tech Digital Taxi Top Displays. Our first shipment will arrive the first week of December and this technology will be displayed throughout Las Vegas for the first time. The board of directors had a private viewing of the digital taxi top which is the only working prototype. We had a chance to see the taxi tops capabilities and had a chance to meet some of the program developers at Bell Taxi.

Wham Inc. also discussed the company structure and methods of increasing revenues from its current operations. Woodman Holdings is in discussion with several companies for a collaboration or Merger Acquisition. More information will be disclosed as the Letter of Intents are signed and consummated.

R3 Sport Division:

The board discussed with the major Broker/Dealers the launch of R3 Sport in becoming a publicly traded company and formulated a projection time frame of 2015. R3 Sport has received many inquiries from various sectors of the fashion market. As the retailers are seeing a growth in consumer spending, R3 Sport has been requested to produce collections for both higher end, men's fashion lines and also synthetic developments for the corporate, promotional market. R3 Sport has embarked on completing the apparel line for adaptive clothing. This line caters to the aging population within the US and Canada. This line is being developed and will be distributed under the name – EZ-Fit. The target demographic for EZ-Fit will be institutions, hospitals, retirement homes, insurance companies and E-Commerce.

S-1 Registration:

As Wham Inc. draws closer to the finalization of its first IPO the BOD discussed in detail the acquisitions that the offering will facilitate.

Foreign Investments:

Due to the overall interest from foreign investors, Wham Inc. will be filing with the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) that it may receive foreign investments through the regulation S filing.

Woodman Construction:

The BOD discussed moving forward with Woodman Construction and Real Estate. Currently we have met all requirements and successfully Registered our Construction Company with the City of San Antonio. This allows us to begin operating immediately with our Home remodeling projects. Currently we have multiple contracts in place to restore several homes in the historical community of Dignowity Hill. We will begin construction on these projects immediately. Wham Inc. is excited to announce we will expand our construction Company not only by doing home remodeling but will be registered to build New Construction by 11/5/2014. This allows us to move forward in building multi-family unit homes, apartments, residential communities and office buildings beginning in 2015-16. Wham Inc. will also begin purchasing real estate investment properties in the San Antonio area. These properties will be purchased for pennies on the dollar, remodeled and resold for a substantial profit. Research shows San Antonio as one of the best places to live in America and the real estate market according to SABOR will continue in an upward swing.

About Us:

Woodman Holdings Asset Management Inc. (Wham Inc.) is a diversified holdings company established for the purpose of investing in or acquiring businesses and distressed asset classes. We operate in four business areas: Investments, Proprietary Trading, Fine Art and Technology.


Forward-Looking Statement

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