Lightning Round: Wait to make a stand on this stock

It's that timmmmmeeee! The Lightning Round bell has been rung, and Jim Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks:

General Electric: "This one's really hard because my charitable trust is back and forth on this. It might be a wallpaper, but it's an inexpensive stock with good yield and I think you should hold on to it. I'm not telling you to rush out and buy it. Just hold on to it."

Acadia Pharmaceuticals: "We like Acadia. I want to own it. Anything that is working on Parkinson's disease is really important and I think they have a really good situation."

Conocophillips: "Wait. The stock has been down as low as $62, and when it gets back down to $62 we are going to be able to make a stand on Conoco because oil keeps coming down. You have to wait."

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Hess Corp: "I thought the conference call was terrific, but it didn't matter because it's oil. We are going to wait to make a stand. We don't just make a stand because it seems interesting."

Leucadia National: "I never recommend Leucadia because I have no idea what they do or where they are. It's too dangerous for me."

Lockheed Martin: "This stock has not had a breather. It just keeps going higher. The quarter was good, the management is great, CEO Marillyn Hewson won't come on the show and it's driving me absolutely batty. Buy some and then let it come in."

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