Cramer calls out top dogs for fizzled stocks

Analysts can come up with a thousand complicated scenarios and fancy charts to estimate how a stock will do. But in Jim Cramer's perspective, it all comes down to executive management. The market has now entered a climate where the management's execution matters most to stock price.

"The abilities of CEOs and their teams to get the job done varies so widely that you have to marvel how ne'er-do-well companies just don't steal top level executives from their competitors," Jim Cramer said.

The "Mad Money" host took a deep dive into the glaring disparities that he is seeing in the company reports released in earnings season so far. And boy, did he dig up some dirt.

For example, Mexican food chains have been on fire. Chipotle, Fiesta Restaurant Group and Jack in the Box's Qdoba have all reported awesome numbers. Then Chuy's dimmed the fire when it was down almost 30 percent in the session.

"The trend's your friend, except for Chuy. No excuses for that miss. Just horrendous execution," Cramer said.

Adam Jeffery | CNBC

In retail, Michael Kors blamed slowing mall traffic on Tuesday when it reported miserable earnings. Yet the Victoria's Secret umbrella company, L Brands, which also owns Bath & Body Works and Bendel's, brought home big bacon with its earnings.

So are people only going to the mall to buy racy lingerie, yummy smelling hand lotions and knick-knacks? Highly unlikely.

How about the fact that Amazon is down 24 percent for the year, compared to the monster Alibaba. When Alibaba came public it was at $68 and is now at $109. What is the excuse there? Cramer thinks Alibaba could even go up to $120 and still be considered cheap.

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Finally there is Twitter and Facebook. Twitter is down 35 percent for the year, and Facebook is up 38 percent. The "Mad Money" host said that the Twitter team has failed abysmally to harness the endless free promotions and content that users are piling into it.

Cramer is calling out all of these companies, and even included Coca-Cola into the mix. It's time for changes at the very top.

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