CADAM Announces Price Increase for Paper Grade Kaolin Clays

MACON, Ga., Nov. 5, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CADAM SA announced today that it will increase prices for kaolin clay products for the global paper industry 6 to 8% effective December 1, 2014, or as contracts allow. CADAM is committed to investing the necessary resources in technology, innovation and people for long-term sustainability in order to continue to serve its paper customers at a high level. CADAM's goal is to create the greatest value for its paper customers through partnerships geared toward delivering cost effective solutions designed to reduce coating formulation cost and to optimize paper and printing performance.


CADAM SA is a leading producer of fine particle kaolin with operations located in the Amazon region of Brazil. CADAM also has offices and warehouses in Antwerp, Belgium and Shanghai, China. KaMin LLC purchased a majority ownership position in CADAM in May 2012.

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Source:KaMin LLC