BOSTON, Mass., Nov. 5, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Locally sourced wine and produce have blossomed across the country. In addition, Farmers Markets have sprouted in communities both large and small, offering dozens of selections for people who have grown increasingly savvy and curious about where their food is sourced, how it's grown, by whom, and what goes into preparing it.

For anyone who loves to savor culinary delights and discover the history and traditions behind them, Road Scholar offers Food and Wine adventures that showcase local and regional tastes in the U.S. and around the world. From East Coast lobsters and California's wine country to Italy's diverse tastes and the wines and traditions of Argentina, food enthusiasts will delve into local cuisines and the stories behind them on programs celebrating the flavors, seasonings and traditions that give a region its own identity.

"For Road Scholar participants, a food and wine learning experience goes far beyond a tasting of the local fare," says James Moses, president and CEO of Road Scholar. "It is part of an overall immersion into the culture, the traditions, the history of the area and its people. Our instructors bring all this to life through hands-on demonstrations, field trips to key points of interest, in-depth discussions of local flavors, agricultural impacts, history and much more."

A sampling of Food and Wine adventures is below. For more details on these and other learning adventures, visit, key words: Food and Wine.

Culinary Italy: An Exploration of Regional Tastes and Traditions

The mouthwatering cuisine of Italy owes as much to the history and geography of the country as it does to its ingredients and chefs who prepare it. Get a taste of Italy's gastronomic culture and local food industries as you make your way through the regions of Veneto, Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany.

Discovering Wines and Traditions of Argentina and Chile

With near-perfect grape growing conditions, the fertile vineyards of Argentina and Chile currently produce more than one-fifth of all wines sold on the international market. Explore wineries old and new, learn to pair wines with local cuisine and discover the traditions, the folk music and the ways of life that are intertwined with food and wine.

The Flavors of Spain: Cooking in Andalusia

Join us on a culinary adventure through southern Spain to find the best of this region's specialties including unforgettable experiences at markets, vineyards, local kitchens and farms, and opportunities to search out the best tapas and flamenco.

Lobsters, Wineries and Foods of New England

Experience the diversity of New England cuisine and the region's beautiful scenery during a weeklong journey through Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Discuss with professional winemakers, lobstermen, fishermen and farmers the products they grow and harvest from the lands and seas. Learn about specialty products created by local entrepreneurs and enjoy field trips to vineyards, farms, sugarhouses, markets and the ocean.

North of Napa: California Wine Country as it used to be

A hidden gem of the wine industry lies nestled in the pristine valleys and hills of Lake County. Here, where Prohibition wiped out the vineyards that produced the premier wines of the era, the vineyards flourish once again, world-class wines flow, and an exuberant spirit prevails. Come learn about the roots of California winemaking in California wine country as it used to be, free from crowds and commercialism.

Sizzling Southwest Cuisine

Since ancient Puebloans first cultivated beans, corn and squash in the deserts of the Southwest, this cuisine has nourished and delighted countless generations. Beginning in Santa Fe, regional cuisine that had remained hidden from the rest of the world for generations arrived on national tables.

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