Turmoil in industry is opportunity for Dell: CEO

Dell's private plan to take on rivals: CEO

One year after going private, Dell has the freedom to execute on its long-term plans and is in a position to take advantage of an industry in turmoil, founder and CEO Michael Dell said.

"I think there's also a plague of short-term thinking that exists in our country, in many sectors," Dell told CNBC's "Squawk Box." "I'm quite proud of the progress that we've made as a private company being able to innovate without this 90-day shot clock that we had for 25 years as a public company."

U.S. product shipments at Dell are up 19.7 percent for the third quarter, compared with 4.3 percent for the industry as a whole. The computer hardware and services company has gained personal computer market share over the past seven quarters and has achieved the fastest year-on-year growth among its peers.

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Dell said the firm could have moved forward as a publicly traded company, but progress would have been slower if the company were still contending with shareholder pressure on issues such as buybacks, dividends and mergers.

"These actions are not necessarily motivated by the long-term interest of the health of business," Dell said.

The current turmoil in the industry has also created opportunities for Dell, he said.

Last month, Hewlett-Packard said it would spin off its corporate hardware and services business from its computer and printer division. IBM recently announced it would sell its loss-making semiconductor business as it increasingly focuses on cloud computing.

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Dell has recently seen a tremendous influx of channel partners, Dell said, adding that the channel accounts for 40 percent of the company's business and is becoming a larger part of its revenue stream.

"As these companies are splitting off and splitting up, and dividing themselves every which way, this is worrying and troublesome to customers," Dell said. "It creates chaos, and dis-synergies and confusion, and that for us is opportunity."

Dell said the company will continue to create a broad set of end-to-end business solutions.