Diversified Fluid Solutions, LLC Expands in Boise

BOISE, Idaho, Nov. 6, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Diversified Fluid Solutions (DFS), LLC, a subsidiary of Critical Process Systems Group, has announced that they are expanding their Boise operation to meet growing market demands. The new expansion will move the company from their existing 11,000 square foot facility to a space of over 40,000 square feet with a capital investment of nearly $1,200,000. DFS is the second company in the Boise Valley to receive a Tax Reimbursement Incentive (TRI) award to assist in the investment decision.

"Our state has never been stronger. We are proud to see Idaho companies making the commitment to invest in Idaho and grow here," Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter said.

"The City of Boise is pleased to see Diversified Fluid Solutions invest, expand and create quality jobs in our community," Boise Mayor Dave Bieter said. "We are seeing an unprecedented time of growth in Boise. This commitment from Diversified Fluid Solutions shows that our vision to make Boise one of the most livable cities in the country is a value that resonates with businesses."

Projected to hire 50-60 full-time, benefited employees to service the expansion, the average annual wage is expected to exceed the Ada County average annual wage. Positions targeted for hiring include fabricators, technicians, engineers and professionals in human resources, IT and finance. Job seekers can apply for the new positions online at http://www.cpsgrp.com/Jobs.php.

The State of Idaho awarded DFS a TRI credit of 20 percent for eight years. The company also received support from the Idaho Department of Labor in Workforce Development Training Funds, the City of Boise's Project Management Program and Boise Valley Economic Partnership. Clark Krause, Executive Director of the Boise Valley Economic Partnership, explains, "Diversified Fluid Solutions is a perfect example of how the new Tax Reimbursement Incentive can help local companies grow. This company will be adding sophisticated positions to our labor market in one of our target industries, advanced manufacturing."

Fred Elsey, CEO of DFS states, "We would like to express our gratitude to the numerous state and local agencies that provided assistance to us throughout our site assessment process and are extremely pleased with our decision to expand our manufacturing operations in the Boise Valley. The favorable economic climate, highly skilled labor force and unparalleled quality of life will insure DFS maintains our industry leadership."

About Diversified Fluid Solutions (DFS), LLC

DFS LLC, a privately held subsidiary of Critical Process Systems Group (CPS) manufactures a variety of fluid blending and distribution systems for many industries such as semiconductor, solar/photovoltaic, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and biotechnology. DFS LLC provides technical expertise, and delivers best-in-class support to meet a diverse array of high purity fluid applications and is a growing and well-respected company.

Since its establishment in 2009 DFS has built a successful growing business and a flawless service reputation. This growth enabled the hiring of highly talented design engineers and manufacturing craftsmen, most with extensive experience in designing, manufacturing and maintaining fluid blending and distribution systems. DFS has developed a list of world-class customers in high volume microelectronic production and research, OEM's as well as customers in other industries that require precise control over their fluid processes. Please visit www.dfsolution.com for more information.

CONTACT: Eric Thurber, Diversified Fluid Solutions / (208) 489-0053 / ethurber@dfsolution.com Vince Trimboli, City of Boise / (208) 384-3927 / vtrimboli@cityofboise.org Megan Ronk, Idaho Commerce / (208) 334-2470 / megan.ronk@commerce.idaho.govSource:Idaho Department of Commerce