Infogroup Data Licensing showcases Data Axle's Feedback API & Data Cleanser at the 8th Annual User Conference

OMAHA, Neb., Nov. 6, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Infogroup Data Licensing, the provider of a leading SaaS local data platform, Data AxleTM, unveiled their Feedback API and Data Cleanser at its 8th Annual User Conference, hosted in Papillion, NE from September 10-12 2014. The conference was attended by top data-driven clients, including the world's largest search engines, leading media companies, and preeminent mapping and navigation providers.

The conference showcased Data Axle's Data Cleanser, a configurable data integrity engine alongside Feedback API, a solution that programmatically sends signals from customer systems to the Data Axle in order to increase data accuracy.

The conference also highlighted Infogroup's investments in data accuracy to deliver continually-verified business data in real-time through state-of-the-art technology. This process is backed by a large 400 person operation based in Papillion, NE, that makes over 25 million calls annually.

"It was enlightening to see first-hand Infogroup's technology platform, Data AxleTM, and it provided us a vision for our future steps" said Gary Zuber, Account Executive at Zenrin, the leader in global mapping and navigation solutions. "Data accuracy is critical for Zenrin and our automotive partners. By integrating new technologies that continuously improve their vast local phone verification operation, Infogroup is demonstrating to us how serious they are about enhancing data quality".

"The combination of technology and people has enabled us to deliver our vision of unparalleled data quality. We will continue to invest and innovate for our clients who in turn are able to provide a seamless experience for their customers" said Jeffrey Khadavi, president of Infogroup Data Licensing.

About Infogroup Data Licensing
Infogroup Data Licensing is the leader and trusted source in providing high-value business data for clients in the search, navigation, mobile application, marketing and analytics industries. We provide real-time data that is human-verified by over 25 million calls per year and is delivered through our proprietary technology, the Data Axle™. We also help our clients with compilation of custom datasets and data verification services. For more information, please visit

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