Varonis Announces Metadata Framework Version 6, Including New Functionality For Four Varonis Solutions

NEW YORK, Nov. 6, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Varonis Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq:VRNS), the leading provider of software solutions for unstructured, human-generated enterprise data, today announced that version 6 of the Varonis Metadata Framework – its core platform for delivering innovation through a growing range of products – will be generally available before the end of the year. Varonis also announced today that DatAnswers, its new secure enterprise search solution that has been in customer beta since May, also will move into GA before the year ends.

The Varonis Metadata Framework is the most established, capable and complete platform available for enabling control of unstructured, human-generated data. It has been developed from the ground up over the past decade as a single platform on a unifying code base, purpose-built to tackle the many challenges and use cases that arise from the massive volumes of unstructured data files created and stored by organizations of all sizes. Currently powering five distinct Varonis products, the Varonis Metadata Framework intelligently extracts and analyzes metadata from customers' vast, distributed unstructured data stores, and enables a variety of uses cases, including data governance, data security, archiving, file synchronization, enhanced mobile data accessibility, search, and business collaboration.

Highlights of the important new features available with the rollout of the Varonis Metadata Framework Version 6:

  • For DatAnswers – A search API to allow easy integration with other applications and search engines, making it easier to mine, analyze and extract value from unstructured data
  • For DatAdvantage – Bi-directional permissions visibility for Active Directory objects, reducing critical misconfiguration risks and operational overhead for tasks now being performed manually by IT; additional support for SP 2013 SP1, Exchange 2010 SP3, and Windows Server 2012 R2
  • For DatAlert – Intelligent threshold alerting, configurable based on event type, location and acting object or any combination thereof, reducing risk by highlighting when and where malware, potential breaches or other issues may be happening
  • For DataPrivilege – email workflow multi-language support, permissions reporting within self-service portal, granular scheduling of entitlement reviews, and local account management, reducing risks and operational overhead associated with managing privileged access

Yaki Faitelson, Varonis Co-Founder and CEO, said, "Varonis products share the Metadata Framework as their foundation, and our platform really pays off for our customers as we continue to extend its functionality and enhance their investments. Our solutions work with one another to solve many of the problems companies are facing at the intersection of productivity and risk. Data growth is unstoppable, and it continues to fuel the growth of Varonis."

Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, said, "Cyber attacks and data breaches are striking companies with greater frequency and more publicity. At the same time, businesses rely more on employee access to data for productivity and efficiency than ever before. Striking the balance between security and productivity shouldn't require tradeoffs in either. The importance of continual investments in core platform technologies like the Varonis Metadata Framework resonates with customers because they know their deployments will only grow in terms of use cases and value."

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About Varonis

Varonis is the leading provider of software solutions for unstructured, human-generated enterprise data. Varonis provides an innovative software platform that allows enterprises to map, analyze, manage and migrate their unstructured data. Varonis specializes in human-generated data, a type of unstructured data that includes an enterprise's spreadsheets, word processing documents, presentations, audio files, video files, emails, text messages and any other data created by employees. This data often contains an enterprise's financial information, product plans, strategic initiatives, intellectual property and numerous other forms of vital information. IT and business personnel deploy Varonis software for a variety of use cases, including data governance, data security, archiving, file synchronization, enhanced mobile data accessibility and information collaboration. As of September 30, 2014, Varonis had approximately 3,000 customers, spanning leading firms in the financial services, public, healthcare, industrial, energy & utilities, technology, consumer and retail, education and media & entertainment sectors.

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