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Cramer: Elections could spark charter school boom

EPR Properties CEO: Industries very healthy
EPR Properties CEO: Industries very healthy

While interest rates remain at ridiculously low levels, one stock that is benefiting from this is EPR Properties. This real estate investment trust is a bond market equivalent stock, which Jim Cramer said is a great way for investors to get a good dividend that pays higher than Treasury bonds, with a potential for capital appreciation.

EPR Properties has a 6 percent yield and owns everything from megaplex movie theaters and to metropolitan ski parks. Cramer sat down with EPR Properties CEO David Brain to find out if this stock can continue to grow at the rapid pace and shell out the dividends as it has thus far.

With the change in winds and Republicans taking majority in the Senate, could this mean more charter schools will be built?

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio visits a second grade Spanish class at Amber Charter School in New York, Sept. 4, 2014.
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"I think the elections were a ringing endorsement for it, and I think that in those places where you have caps on the number of charter schools I think those will start to come off. There has been some local opposition that has been difficult, and I think that will start fading away. I think it will be very healthy for the industry … and I think it will all start to fade away as the political alignment really supports charter schools," Brain said.

This could mean more acquisitions and opportunities for a company like EPR Properties. For those companies that build charter schools, this could be good news, but it could be bad news because there is not much competition in the space.

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"It is true, it is a double-edged sword, and so we can dominate the market and get good yields. But at the same time, because people aren't familiar with that in the capital markets, they sometimes look at that and maybe discount on us a little. Which we don't think is appropriate because we have demonstrated such a good strong portfolio performance," Brain said.

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