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Cramer's Gameplan: Gridlock is good!

Cramer: Gridlock, unlike greed, is good

Gridlock, unlike greed, is good!

Now that Republicans took the Senate in elections earlier in the week and will be at odds with the president, Jim Cramer thinks the development will be a good thing for the market. It will allow investors to focus on companies and big themes of the year, rather than being pulled down by Washington.

Whatever happens in Washington, it won't be because the economy is stupid. Employment numbers released Friday showed continuous, consistent job growth, prompting many to speak about how the U.S. economy is the shining star around the world.

That meant nothing in the ballot box, apparently.

"I think that while voters want Washington to do something, work together, legislate; investors want Washington handcuffed and doing nothing," said the "Mad Money" host.

Historically, gridlock has been a big win for the stock market. The fact that Republicans have to work with the president could be just enough for a rally.

With this political climate in mind, here are the earnings events that Cramer has on his mind for the week:

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Monday: The companies that will paint a larger picture of the environment.

WhiteWave: This is one of Cramer's favorite natural and organic food companies. Based on Whole Foods' ability to rejuvenate itself and report excellent results, Cramer also expects WhiteWave to report similar results to Hain Celestial.

Halcon Resources: Though it is a small player in the oil space, with the recent flare up tensions between Ukraine and Russia, Cramer considers this as a must-listen-to conference call. The call will reveal what is really going on in the oil market. Hedge funds suspect that smaller players have borrowed too much and can't pay it back. This call will clarify suspicions.

Wayfair: Can the market benefit from a more robust housing market? This home furnishing company will give investors clues.

Tuesday: Salute your veterans! It is also Singles Day in China.

D.R. Horton: Cramer thinks the largest home builder in the U.S. needs to confirm that things have become better in the market so that people will believe the recovery is real.


Wednesday: Parade of retailers

Macy's: With a mixed picture of mall stores, Cramer also has a mixed view of this stock. The last go around for Macy's was just OK.

JC Penney: The company has already released bad news about the quarter. Cramer notes that it could really use some cold weather to get the stock going.

Cisco: In Cramer's view, this company navigated the slowing global economy better than most technology stocks and could do so again.

Thursday: Retail gamut

Wal-Mart, Kohl's & Nordstrom: These stocks have all benefited from lower gasoline. However, Wal-Mart could really be the breakout player, as it has a sweet spot for better employment and lower gasoline.

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Friday: China data

"One of the chief reasons oil's been able to come down so quickly is a belief that the slowdown in the Chinese economy has accelerated," said Cramer. So let's keep our eyes on the China trade balance number on Friday, and it will give us clues to how the economy is doing.

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