Pros look silly, individual investor winning: Gartman

With the U.S. stock market at all-time highs, just weeks after experiencing a selloff, closely followed Dennis Gartman told CNBC Friday every time he tries to move to the sidelines it proves to be the "absolutely wrong thing to do."

"It seems like all of the pros are the ones not doing well in the market," he said in an interview with "Closing Bell."

"It seems like the public that sits tight and just allows monetary policy and stronger economic environs to carry share prices higher do quite well."

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Dennis Gartman
Adam Jeffery | CNBC
Dennis Gartman

On Oct. 16., the founder and publisher of "The Gartman Letter" told CNBC that the selloff was the start of a bear market. He ate his words last week, admitting it was the wrong call.

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On Friday, he reiterated his belief that it is still a bull market.

"It's the smart guys, the pros who keep trying to call tops and every time we try to do it, it makes us look sillier and sillier," Gartman said.

For those who want to get into the market, he said there is still time.

"If you haven't been involved probably getting dramatically involved at this point might not be the best of all worlds. But should you be involved? Absolutely," he said.

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Gartman suggested investors look into steel, cooper and aluminum, "basic things that are incumbent in normal economic growth around the world."

As for when the market will top, Gartman was through with predictions, for now.

"It's a bull market. It will continue to be a bull market. And mark this down—it will continue to be a bull market until it stops."