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Simmons Machine Tool Corporation

Simmons Machine Tool Corporation

Name: Simmons Machine Tool Corporation
Founded: 1910
Location: Albany, U.S.
Employees: 100

Founded in 1910 and based in Albany, New York, the Simmons Machine Tool Corporation is a leading manufacturer of specialized machine tools for, "railway wheel set maintenance and production worldwide."

Throughout its history, the company has built machine tools for a range of industries including weapons manufacturing, ship building and railway.

Simmons' reach is not restricted to the United States. It is also the founding company of the Niles-Simmons-Hegenscheidt Machine Tool Group, or the NSH Group.

The NSH Group has production facilities in the United States, Germany and China as well as technical sales service offices in Germany, Australia, China, Russia, India, Mexico and South Africa.

Today, the company's President and COO is David William Davis, while the chairman and owner is Hans J. Naumann, with John O. Naumann acting as CEO.

Community focused, Simmons is also in partnership with the Hudson Valley Community College, offering scholarships to students.