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Cramer Remix: These stocks are far from over

Cramer: This stock's run far from over
Cramer: This stock's run far from over

Sometimes regardless of the state of the economy, the market reverts to seeking growth.

Though the market may have been a yawner Tuesday, the undercurrent behind the blah action in the averages was to solidify growth.

This growth came from three sectors: biotech, housing and cult stocks.

Tuesday's market created a good chance for consolidation. In the absence of any real data or major market drama, the companies that had been growing continued to solidify their gains.

Normally Jim Cramer would try to find a pattern and link the stocks that are going higher when the market is uneventful. But with an erratic pattern-free day due to the bond market being closed and no official release of data, Cramer is taking a breath of fresh air and not looking for patterns.

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If there are sectors that still have some growth potential, does that mean the hideous decline is coming to an end?

In reality, only time will tell...and maybe a psychic with a crystal ball. Cramer doesn't think investors need a crystal ball in this case, because he knows there is still some life left in oil.

"Just because the price of oil has cratered, that doesn't mean the oil companies can't rally—look at EOG which has been roaring ever since it reported a spectacular quarter last week," said the "Mad Money" host.

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How does a company continue its growth in today's market conditions? Forget the Fed, Cramer said. The way that a company is run can have a huge impact on its share price. At times, deployment of excess capital can matter even more.

Good old fashioned value creation. No smoke and mirrors.

Cramer was reminded of the value of dividends when he spoke with the CEO of Clorox, Donald Knauss, on Monday. Knauss was able to account for how well the stock has done in the past five years, simply because of dividends. He remembered that shareholders want a return of capital, and they deserve it.

"Those ideologues who have spent the better part of their professional lives pooh-poohing this market over the last five years, dismissing it is all about the Fed, simply don't understand that it's still fair game for a company to make money for its shareholders by being a better-than-bond-market equivalent," said Cramer.

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Adam Jeffery | CNBC

Just as consumers transition into the holiday season, it is time to think about the bull market of gift cards. Everyone loves a good gift card as a versatile gift, and all of the major retail players know this and are getting in on the action.

Cramer spoke with CEO of Blackhawk Network Holdings, William Tauscher, to get the inside scoop from the leading distributor of prepaid cards and gift cards. Last year, it processed $10 billion in transactions last year and is expected to increase that by 38 percent for 2014.

"Essentially all of the retailers that matter now are actually moving into regional and local cards, because we have figured out how to customize each of the racks that we do and put localized content on them," said Tauscher.

Likewise, as certain sectors within the market are growing in the America, so is the job market. So then you would expect a temporary staffing company to be on fire, right?.

Cramer spoke with Kelly Services CEO, Carl Camden, to get his take on staffing of veterans in America and how to encourage additional hiring.

"I think that a lot of employers aren't as familiar with the tremendous qualifications that veterans have, both in terms of technical skills but also in terms of teamwork and leadership skills that veterans bring. Our experience is that once you've hired the first few into a company, it is easy to get them to hire more," said Camden.

Unfortunately Kelly Services has had a tough year so far, down 39 percent year-to-date. Will the Affordable Care Act impact hiring and boost this stock next year?

"I think the Affordable Care Act is going to be a very important transition for the country, and its use of free agent labor," added Camden

In the Lightning Round, Cramer continued to speculate on those stocks that could still have some life in them by giving his take on a few caller favorites:

Lyondellbasell Industries: "I don't want you in Lyondellbasell, I want you in Dow Chemical. Similar dividend and I think there is a lot of restructuring going on in that company that is much more positive."

Cypress Semiconductor: "I like Cypress, I believe that inside this company is a division that when spun out will be worth almost as much as Cypress. In the meantime you get that great yield. I'm a buyer."

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