AirCastLive Adds Platform, Enabling Mobile Video Sharing Directly From Phone to VIZIO Smart TVs

Mobile Video Sharing Innovator Delivers on Open Platform Promise, Adding America's #1 Smart TV Company1 to Its Stable of Platforms

CHICAGO, Nov. 11, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AirCast Mobile, a pioneer in mobile video services, today announced the addition of VIZIO, America's #1 Smart TV company1, to its collection of available platforms. The innovative mobile video sharing app AirCastLive is now available on select VIZIO Smart TVs2. AirCastLive enables anyone with an iOS- or Android-based mobile device to easily send personal content directly to another user's smart TV. What's more, AirCastLive is the only mobile content sharing service that enables consumers to share videos or photos across multiple smart TV platforms, including any Roku platform, Android TV, and now on the VIZIO Internet Apps Plus® smart TV platform from VIZIO2, America's #1 Smart TV1 company.

"AirCastLive allows consumers to share their own content, and share it from device to device, from anywhere," said Matt McRae, Chief Technology Officer, VIZIO. "We're excited for VIZIO Internet Apps Plus consumers to capture moments and then have a method to share and enjoy them on their HDTVs with the picture quality VIZIO is known for."

AirCastLive enables consumers to capture life's important – and not so important – moments from anywhere using their smartphones and then easily share them with friends and loved ones on the most effective and high-quality screen they own, their HDTV. Just as importantly, today's announcement means AirCastLive is the first service that can accomplish this with multiple vendor platforms. For example, someone using AirCastLive on a Roku-connected Smart TV can easily share their mobile video content with someone using VIZIO Smart TVs2.

"Chromecast and Miracast are just two of the many tools out there for getting content from your mobile device to your HDTV, but almost all of these are limited to your own home network and are only compatible with a single HDTV platform," said Mike Linhardt, founder and CEO of AirCast Mobile. "Our community members are able to share personal moments from their mobile phone directly to another user's TV from anywhere in the world. And with today's announcement, AirCastLive is the only cross-platform content-sharing service enabling folks to send content regardless if they're using a VIZIO Smart TV or other platform. That way, consumers can take advantage of VIZIO's picture quality while still being able to share content with other platforms' users."

About AirCastLive

AirCastLive is the first service to closely integrate a consumer's smartphone with their smart TV. All a consumer needs to do is sign-up and install the app on their smartphone and streaming device or smart TV. From there, the consumer can get AirCasting! They simply record a video and press a button to upload it to their AirCastLive account. Then it's just the push of another button to share that video with anyone else with AirCastLive installed on his or her smartphone, PC or TV.

For VIZIO, AirCastLive has created an entirely new User Interface (UI) designed specifically for models with VIZIO Internet Apps Plus2. AirCastLive can easily be found and downloaded for consumers to begin sharing content. Once installed, on-screen and mobile notifications alert the user that they have a new AirCastLive message waiting for them on their TV.

AirCastLive isn't restricted to just smartphones. You can also upload video you capture on the Internet from your PC and view it or share it from your TV. In addition to video, AirCasters can share photos or a combination of photos and video from the same account. AirCasters can also send content to multiple users at once.

AirCastLive is currently available for use with select VIZIO Smart TVs2 and Roku smart TV platforms, and Android TV set-top boxes. It is also currently undergoing trials with other smart TV vendors and Tier-1 North American MSOs. Consumers will also need to install the mobile application on their iOS- or Android-based mobile devices. The PC interface is a simple Web interface available through any browser.

AirCastLive has been developed by AirCast Mobile, an award-winning mobile media company based in Chicago and run by a team of mobile and consumer electronics industry experts from companies like AT&T, RealNetworks, Rovi, and TV Guide.

Pricing and Availability

AirCastLive from AirCast Mobile is available today. It's free to sign up on VIZIO Smart TVs, smartphones and Web and mobile apps are free to download. To view content on Roku or Android TV devices a one-time $4.99 app download fee is required. New users receive 1GB of free storage space. An annual fee for more storage space is offered at $9/year for 5GB, $19/year for 20GB, and $39/year for 40GB.

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About AirCast Mobile

AirCast Mobile is an award-winning mobile media company based in Chicago. Run by industry veterans from the largest and most innovative names in mobile and consumer electronics space, the company is focused on leveraging the transformative power of mobile media to create new and productive communications solutions for the everyday consumer. More information can be found at

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2 For a complete list of compatible VIZIO Smart TV models, see

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