Earshot Launches Decibel Level(tm) Real-Time Relevancy Scoring System to Help Brands Acquire New Customers via Social Media

Chicago, IL, Nov. 11, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Earshot, a precision-based social engagement and retargeting platform, today announced the launch of patent-pending Decibel Level™, a dynamic relevancy scoring system that applies real-time conditions and location-based insight to help brands discover and acquire new customers through social media. As part of Earshot's precision-based platform, Decibel Level allows brands and their agencies to identify the right consumers to engage at the right place, right time, to deliver more personalized messaging and optimize social ROI for both paid and earned media channels.

Earshot Precision with Decibel Level

"Delivering the right message at the right time, is obviously the goal of any smart marketer," said Earshot Founder and CEO David Rush. "We're helping brands and their agencies find new ways to connect with consumers when the impact of their messaging will yield the greatest results. It's about combining the privacy interests of consumers with useful messaging that allows location-based engagement to work effectively," added Rush.

With Decibel Level, Earshot is applying a more dynamic approach to real-time relevance. As social media posts are captured in the Earshot social media processor, the Decibel Level algorithmic scoring system computes a real-time score between 0.1 and 9.9 for every post. The score is uniquely weighted and custom for every client based on the specific goals and objectives of the campaign and brand. Location, sentiment, profile information, social influence, time of day, loyalty status, and the content of the post itself are some of the variables that can make up the Decibel Level score. As these real-time conditions change, so too does the Decibel Level score.

Earshot is currently working with several major brands and agencies where relevancy is the key priority. "Our goal is to get more people to listen to more music, and leverage social conversations to drive further engagement with our product," said Josh Karpf, Global Director, Social Marketing for Spotify, the well-known music distribution service. "Earshot and their Decibel Level enable us to deliver the right content at the most relevant moment for our users."

Optimizing campaign results means finding the right balance between reach and relevancy. Through the Earshot platform, brands can execute the proper technique at the right time to create more personalized engagement and drive business results. The Earshot solutions provide the flexibility to activate programmatic campaigns to retarget for offline behavior or 1:1 organic engagements on the fly so that the benefits of both paid and earned media can be synchronized effectively.

"Relevancy isn't static. It changes frequently based on current conditions and the person, said Rush. "When someone is freezing cold, they're more likely to be receptive to hot chocolate, gloves, or a new fall jacket. The key is to deliver authentic, engaging messaging that endears consumers to the brand and makes them feel more connected and trusting."

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About Earshot

Launched in October 2013, Earshot is a location-based engagement and retargeting solution that is changing how brands can discover and acquire new customers through social media. Earshot synthesizes data about location, the user, and other real-time conditions to compute a relevancy score for every post so brands can connect with consumers at the right place, right time. As a new approach to precision-based marketing, Earshot helps drive higher conversion rates, deeper loyalty, and new forms of earned media. Clients include Honda, IBM, Nissan, Spotify and USA Networks among others. For more information, visit earshotinc.com and follow us on Twitter @earshotinc.

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