STAC Releases Test Results for Cape City Command's Trade Xccelerator

WILMINGTON, N.C. and CHICAGO and NEW YORK, Nov. 11, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC®) has released test results for Cape City Command's Trade Xccelerator latency reduction product.

It is known that delays and congestion in trading infrastructure, gateways and matching engines negatively impact the time to post orders and route trades. These latencies vary in real-time across the exchanges. Cape City asked STAC to simulate a trading environment and measure the reduction in latency that ensues when trading applications follow the Trade Xccelerator's recommendations rather than a simple round-robin routing method used by many trading applications.

STAC designed the test setup with guidance from trading firms and testing was conducted in the International Computer Concepts' (ICC) lab. The ICC servers employed were built for the high performance Financial Industry utilizing quality open architecture components to meet the most demanding, latency sensitive high performance challenges of financial analysis, trade execution and split-second support.

In these series of tests, Trade Xccelerator reduced latency by 87 usec (17%) under low-volume trading levels and 34 usec (5%) under high volumes.

Tony Pettipiece, Global Head of Sales and Marketing at Cape City said: "We are pleased to have STAC independently verify the Trade Xccelerator capabilities and to have partnered with ICC in reducing latency for the financial community. Our unique ability to analyze trading traffic at both the exchange protocol level and at the network transport layer opens up the door to increase throughput and fill-rate beyond what can be achieved with other solutions. This is achieved by using our multi-cast session ranking signals to direct trades to the fastest sessions, significantly reducing latency.

Alexey Stolyar, Director-Business Development at ICC states "International Computer Concepts is committed to designing and building highest quality server and storage platforms. These systems are augmented for the Financial Industry to deliver the greatest system performance and lowest latency. We are pleased to support Cape City Command's Trade Xccelerator, which together with ICC's overclocked servers has raised the bar for optimized trading traffic and enhanced execution."

Peter Lankford, Founder and Director of STAC commented: "Minimizing latency continues to be a top priority for firms engaged in automated trading. We applaud Cape City Command for subjecting their product to the sort of independent, rigorous testing for which STAC is uniquely qualified."

The STAC report is available at: https://stacresearch.com/news/2014/10/30/stac-report-latency-reduction-cape-city-command-trade-xccelerator


Cape City Command:

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International Computer Concepts:

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About Cape City Command: Cape City Command produces purpose-built appliances for electronic trading. Unlike traditional passive monitors and network tools, our focus is on devices that enable automatic actions that seize opportunities and avoid problems. For example, in co-location sites, the 7090 Trade Xccelerator enables trading applications to continuously route trades to the session with the current least latency.

About International Computer Concepts, Inc. (ICC) www.icc-usa.com is an OEM and Systems Integrator, building Servers, Storage and Appliances. For over 20 years, ICC has developed products and appliances to meet a wide range of computational needs for the Financial Industry. Whether building platforms for High Frequency Trading, SMP-based simulations for Options Trading or building highly reliable cost-effective high density compute and storage for traditional or virtualized infrastructures, ICC systems meet the challenge.

ICC encourages clients to assess the systems, financial value and service they've received from their vendors in the past. ICC designs compute, storage and appliance products for IT requirements for SMB, multinational corporations, universities and government in North America and throughout the world. ICC differentiates not only on price, but in the design, quality and support of the products we build. ICC is an Intel Platinum Partner and a repeat contender for Intel's annual Innovation award. One of the earliest SuperMicro Integrators, ICC maintains long-standing partnerships with the best known component manufacturers benefiting clients with deep product knowledge and relationship support. We leverage aggressive pricing coupled with a well-established supply chain and automated production system to maintain consistency and fast delivery. With pre- and post-installation technical knowledge to deliver solutions and hardware to your business challenges, ICC is a strong asset in your IT development.

About STAC: STAC (www.STACresearch.com) is a technology-analysis firm that facilitates the STAC Benchmark Council™ (www.STACresearch.com/council), an organization of leading financial institutions and technology vendors that specifies standard ways to assess technologies used in the financial markets. The Council is active in an expanding range of low-latency, big-compute, and big-data workloads.

STAC helps end-user firms relate the performance of new technologies to that of their existing systems by supplying them with STAC Benchmark reports as well as standards-based STAC Test Harnesses™ for rapid execution of STAC Benchmarks in their own labs. End users do not disclose their results. Some STAC Benchmark results from vendor-driven projects are made available to the public, while those in the STAC Vault™ are reserved for qualified members of the Council.

Source:Cape City Command