Man may have been trapped in Marshalls wall for days: Police

Getty Images

Police rescued a man Tuesday from inside a wall of a Marshalls store, where they think he'd been trapped for up to three days, reported NBC affiliate 9News.

Employees of the Longmont, Colorado shop called dispatch after they heard a man yelling whom they weren't able to locate. The man, who was taken to the hospital in fair condition, had been trapped between the exterior and interior wall of the shop. according to Colorado's 9News.

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The space between the two walls was big enough for the 35-year-old to lay down, but not get out. Firefighters broke part of the outer wall in order to free him and he was able to crawl out of the space.

Police do not yet know why he was in the crawl space, but have discovered that it was accessible from the roof of the building. The man is being investigated for criminal trespass, but is not currently under arrest.