Theatre CEO grew pot on front door: Cops

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Strand-Capitol Theatre CEO Kenneth Alen Wesler and his wife were arrested at their home in Pennsylvania after police officers discovered two giant marijuana trees growing on the couple's doorstep, the York Daily Record reported earlier this week.

The plants were unconcealed, with one positioned on each side of the Weslers' front door, and stood between 5 and 7 feet tall, according to documents.

"We got an anonymous tip, knocked on the front door and there it was, for anybody to see, whether it be the mailman, the UPS guy," said York County Detective Craig Fenstermacher. "There was no attempt to hide it..."

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A representative for the couple's attorney said the arrests were a mistake. "The marijuana use by Mr. Wesler was done in the privacy of his home before retiring for sleep to treat his chronic and ongoing back pain. Mr. Wesler never used marijuana during working hours or when driving."

Alen Wesler and his wife Deborah Lee Wesler were charged with one felony and two misdemeanor drug charges. They are scheduled for a formal arraignment next week.

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