Unexpected turn led to 'Happy Days' for Potsie

Potsie on perseverance, at the NYSE
Potsie on perseverance, at the NYSE

You may know him as Potsie on "Happy Days," but actor Anson Williams has achieved much more in his life and career than his role as Richie Cunningham's best friend.

In Hollywood he's a sought-after director and producer, as well as an entrepreneur who brings Hollywood beauty products to the public.

And in his new book, "Singing To a Bulldog: From 'Happy Days' To Hollywood Director, and The Unlikely Mentor Who Got Me There," Williams reveals that none of his fame or fortune might have happened if not for perseverance and an aging African-American janitor who became an unexpected mentor.

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"I've always known Anson to be a great storyteller as well as a true and generous friend," writes co-star Ron Howard. "Now he's written the most important story of his life, about Willie Turner, the head janitor at one of Anson's first jobs, whose words of wisdom guided him through a turbulent time in his life and gave him the confidence to move forward to a successful career as an actor, television director and entrepreneur. Even better, he's made it into a truly inspirational book of life lessons for the rest of us."