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Cramer Remix: Apple & oil—what you need to know

Cramer: What you need to know about Apple
Cramer: What you need to know about Apple

With Apple at an all-time high and oil continuing to drop, Jim Cramer wants to make sure investors have all the information they need to handle these two market animals.

Apple? The darned thing just won't quit. It keeps going up quietly, pretty much every single week. While there hasn't been much discussion on it these days, Cramer hasn't forgotten about it.

"Apple's endless, inexorable rise is a huge underpinning of this market, and we should never forget that fact," said the "Mad Money" host.

Sure the market can get sidetracked by the noise maker stocks like Alibaba, its sidekick Yahoo, and marvel at the possibilities of Twitter. It could even be fascinated by the rally of Macy's, despite the cut in its forecast. But Apple is always there, quietly raking in the dough.

According to Cramer, the secret to Apple: You don't trade it, you own it.

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As for the decline in oil, not all companies will go down the tubes along with the price. Cramer thinks Dow Chemical is getting ready to roar and would be a sound portfolio addition.

Dow has been in self-help mode for a long time and finally got a face lift when it sold off assets to reposition its portfolio to have less commodity exposure and more exposure to margin specialty chemicals.

Cramer dug in deeper with the Chairman and CEO of Dow Chemical, Andrew Liveris to find out if the low prices of oil will continue to impact the repositioned version of Dow.

"The oil overhang is in our past. When we were a pure commodity company, there was a lot of view that commodity companies would go down in profits if oil prices dropped … Firstly, we are a very different type of company. Secondly, we have assets all around the world, like Europe, where a low oil price actually helps our margins. And thirdly, a low oil price is a massive discount to the world's economy. Like a tax break," said Liveris.

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So what should investors do about the seemingly never ending plunge in oil? Many to speculate that the drop in oil prices are a downside for the U.S. economy and want to run for the hills.

Wait … not so fast. Cramer doesn't buy that theory.

The "Mad Money" host has chosen to take a different angle on oil, and thinks that it is the offset that is driving so many individual companies to report strong numbers.

"One thing is for certain: The big run in the averages, the gigantic leap we have had over the last month has been totally coincident with the decline in oil. So anyone who actually sells stocks other than oil equities on a decline in crude, is delusional and must be quickly prescribed mind altering drugs or be ushered out of the stock game," said Cramer. Yikes!

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With companies like Apple getting bigger by the day, can a competitive retail store like the Container Store Group hold its head above water for the holiday season?

The Container Store is largest retail chain devoted to storage and organization, and has doubled in price since it came public a year ago. Yet it has continued to take a beating, by missing earnings on more than one occasion. To add insult to injury, the company reported decelerating or even negative same store sales, leading the stock to be down 51 percent year-to-date.

Yet the stock has rallied from $15 to $22, based on a number of initiatives that management just might do the trick for the holiday season, such as Contained Home where they will into your home and set everything up for you from top to bottom.

Cramer spoke with Kip Tindell, Chairman and CEO of the Container Store to find out if the holiday season could bring good things to investor pocketbooks.

"Periodically we have had sluggish comp store sales, or specifically for the past couple of quarters traffic was a couple of points below where we expected it, and that drives us crazy. We are turning over every stone to fix that," added Tindell.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer continued to point out winners and losers from Apple and oil.

Verifone: "There was some research out today from a small house that liked it very much. I like it even more than that small house. I think it is integral to Apple Pay. I think everyone is going to have to upgrade to their system, and this stock is going to have a big year next year."

Hertz: "I have been told by so many people not to worry about this. Everyone who told me that, I am coming for you … I think Hertz is very cheap but I have to see the accounting and final numbers."

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