This device will litter-ally track your cat's health

Frank Chen | Getty Images

Inventor Alex Treiner wants to make it easier to stay connected to your cat. That's why he invented Tailio, a smart scale that sits under their litter box and sends wireless updates to your mobile device about your pet.

The device monitors a cat's weight, amount of waste, and frequency of visits to the litter box. That data is sent to the cloud and analyzed to look for trends and behavior.

According Engadget, a site that reviews gadgets, technology and consumer electronics, the Tailio can identify the onset of illness in cats by observing changes in weight and bowel patterns.

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The mobile app, which can be accessed on iOS and Android devices, gives the user an in-depth profile on their cat.

Health alerts, veterinary care aids, and litter box cleaning reminders are available with the service. Information can also be shared with family, friends, and caretakers via social media or within the Tailio online community.

Tailio is on Kickstarter and is open for pledges until December 12.