Apple's iBeacon has a new rival

A screen showing Samsung Proximity
Source: Samsung

Apple's iBeacon has a new competitor.

Samsung rolled out a new product on Wednesday called Proximity that allows retailers to take advantage of beacon technology. Like Apple's iBeacon, Proximity uses Bluetooth Low Energy beacons to enable marketers to push content to consumers based on their location.

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For example, Proximity allows marketers to deliver in-store offers to consumers; guide mall shoppers with floor plans; and send users welcome messages and seat maps when visiting a stadium.

Samsung's new technology is basically composed of three parts. It offers an end-user app for consumers, so they receive marketers' coupons and other content directly to the Proximity app. But it also includes a web console for marketers, so they can create and manage their campaigns, and an on-site management tool for beacon registration and management.

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Apple launched its beacon technology in retailers late last year and is included in some major retailers including Macy's and Lord & Taylor. Apple's biggest convert, however, however has been Major League Baseball, which has installed iBeacons in the majority of its stadiums.

While both Apple's and Samsung's beacon technology focus on pushing content to smartphones, the day may not be far off when marketers will have their messages delivered onto consumers' wearable devices, Gene Alvarez, an e-commerce analyst at Gartner, told CNBC earlier this year.

With Samsung's Galaxy Gear already on the market and the Apple Watch expected in just a few months, consumers may be seeing this kind of marketing push sooner than later.