Kivuto Solutions Partners With Microsoft to Enable Simple Alternatives for Managing and Delivering Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus for U.S. Academic Institutions

OTTAWA, Nov. 13, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Getting Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus on student and faculty computers and devices is now easier for academic institutions in the U.S. with the announcement of two no cost distribution and management options from Kivuto Solutions Inc., the world's leading provider of hosted, flexible and scalable solutions for complex digital distribution requirements.

Kivuto has partnered with Microsoft Corp. to provide eligible institutions in the U.S. with the choice of either a no cost fully managed solution that enables simple, hassle-free delivery of Office 365 ProPlus to their community, or to just provide end user customer care for the Office 365 product on behalf of the institution. This is a limited-time promotion that will last until April 20th, 2015.

"We're making it easy for campus IT administrators to get the digital distribution and management option that works best for their students and faculties to get up and running as quickly as possible," said Ryan Peatt, Vice President Business Development at Kivuto Solutions. "The fully managed and automated option includes full support for demand generation, end user authentication, license provisioning, customer care management, and reporting. The customer care only option eliminates the need for administrators to set up and manage dedicated support services for Office 365. And both options are backed by our digital marketing experts who will work with institutions to get all the marketing materials and tools they need to develop and implement a marketing plan structured to generate awareness for the free offer of Office 365 ProPlus."

This unique, limited-time offer is available to academic institutions in the U.S. licensing all of their staff and faculty for Office through a Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) or a Microsoft Open Value Subscription-Education Solutions (OVS-ES) agreement. The fully managed option offers direct integration with Office 365, a self-serve web store branded to the school, which can serve as a one-stop shop to support multiple vendors and license agreements. This allows administrators to easily manage the delivery of all volume licensed software from one place. It also includes automated provisioning and de-provisioning of student accounts, full support for existing authentication systems, and complete, multi-lingual customer care services for general support, account issues, installation, and product inquiries. The standalone customer care option offers the same level of multi-lingual customer support services for all users of Office 365.

The digital distribution and management of Office 365 ProPlus for this solution runs on Kivuto's Electronic License Management System (ELMS).

"The Kivuto ELMS platform makes digital delivery of the cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 productivity software simple and effective," said Bill Hagen, Director of Cloud Solutions Sales at Microsoft. "This ease of use is why we've selected Kivuto as a service provider for the management and distribution of the Office 365 ProPlus benefit and also one of the reasons we continue to work with Kivuto for a variety of digital distribution requirements around the world."

Kivuto's ELMS platform is the most flexible, secure, scalable and customizable digital distribution and management system on the market. The platform includes verification, account management, e-commerce, secure distribution, reporting and more in a cloud-based environment engineered for advanced digital distribution and management applications. It ensures all verified users have 24/7 access to digital goods anywhere in the world. And it provides a site license and management system module specifically designed for academic institutions.

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