Track your Domino's delivery on a smartwatch


Tracking pizza delivery has become as easy as taking a glance down at your wrist.

The Domino's Tracker app, exclusively available on the Pebble smartwatch, will keep you in the loop on your pizza order from start to finish, reports Gizmodo. This is the first restaurant chain to venture into the smartwatch app space.

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The Domino’s Pizza Tracker will now be available as an app on the Pebble smartwatch.
Domino's Pizza

The app will send you real-time alerts on Pebble when you place your order, when your meal is being prepared, the moment it enters the oven, while it's being check for quality, and as it heads out for delivery. Unfortunately, you can't make the order on your smartwatch app and it doesn't track the deliveryman's car.

The app can be used on Android and iOS and must be synced up with your Pebble smartwatch.

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