Why Cyber Monday may soon be a thing of the past

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Shoppers beware: The massive discounts and promotions after Thanksgiving and Christmas may soon be history, according to a new retail report.

EDITD, a retail analytics provider, says that the upsurge in discounts that follows national holidays is waning—both in the U.S. and the U.K.

"It's…interesting to note that 'January sales' appear to be a thing of the past," said EDITD in a report that was circulated on Wednesday and led by CEO Geoff Watts.

The days that follow Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November see a massive boost in retail spending in the U.S., as consumers head to the shops—or their computers—to take advantage of heavy promotional sales. These are typically steepest on "Black Friday"—when shops also offer earlier opening hours to entice people in—and "Cyber Monday", when online discounts are offered to encourage cyber spending.

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However, Watts noted that as well as falloff in post-Christmas discounting, the majority of U.S. retailers were offering discounts in early November, before halting them just days ahead of Thanksgiving.

"In the coming years, as retailers and brands continue to increase the number of (price) 'drops' within a year, we expect to see greater fluidity in the discounting calendar—not twice yearly spikes," he said in the report.

Cyber Monday will likely see the largest online sales of any day this year, according to Adobe Digital Index, which provides data on digital trends. It forecasts cyber sales of $2.60 billion on December 1, up 15 percent year–on-year.

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Black Friday online sales were seen at $2.48 billion, up a healthy 28 percent year-on-year.