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Xerox CEO says economy is ‘stuck’

Susie Gharib
Xerox CEO says economy is 'stuck'

Xerox CEO Ursula Burns says the U.S. economy is "stuck." The way she describes it: "One step forward, a half step back."

Burns knows what she's talking about. Besides making copiers and printers, Xerox is responsible for all the accounting and back office processes for hundreds of businesses. If you use E-ZPass, book a flight, pay a parking ticket, file a medical insurance claim, there's a good chance Xerox handles the bookkeeping and data analytics. So Burns has an inside look at the business functions of her customers: big companies, small companies, all in different sectors of the economy.

Ursula Burns
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When it comes to hiring, Burns told me she's willing to add more jobs as long as the economy is growing—not just in the U.S. but around the globe. "If our clients need us to do more for them we will hire more people to do it," she said. "But global demand is really important. If we have high global demand I'll hire more people. It's plain and simple."

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Burns also talked about why lower corporate taxes will help the U.S. economy, her worries about protecting Xerox data from a cyberattack, and the future of Xerox copiers as businesses move toward paperless offices.